Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vote or Die 2007

Alright...new poll for everyone. Do you think this whole scandal with Tim Donaghy will have a long term effect on the NBA? I don't mean just new policy's for the refs, I am talking lower revenue for the league. I am talking lower attendance. I am talking about the public impression of the NBA becoming to much like the public impression of the WWE.

Now with the polls, since this blog is only a week and half old, obviously the vote count is low. I would recommend everyone who is does visit this site to take a few moments and share the opions they have via the polls (or comment section). This blog has seen over 300 hits so far, so thanks to all for taking a look and hopefully you will all check back on a regular basis. And don't hesitate to give your feedback (polls and comment section) regardless if this site is getting 300 hits or 3000. I set time limits on the current polls so we will have an idea at the end of what everyones opinion is. Thanks.

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