Thursday, August 30, 2007

I feel the big rant coming soon....

I know I am somewhat late on talking about this, but better late then never. With all the U.S. television networks and the NBA in general going down on Kobe Bryant with such passion that Jenna Jameson would have been taking notes, I started to read a great book called "The Last Season: A Team in Search of its Soul" written by Phil Jackson. For those who have not heard of this book, it deals with the 2003-2004 L.A. Lakers season which saw the power house team filled with 4 hall of fame type players in Kobe/Shaq/Karl Malone and Gary Payton lose to the Detroit Pistons in 5 games in the finals. This was also of course the last season that Kobe played with both Shaq and Phil. I know that this book generated some drama during the time it was released 2 years ago, but it's sad how quickly everything about it is forgotten.

If you wanted to find out more information about Kobe Bryant behind the scenes and without all the "C.R.E.A.M." NBA and ESPN dick sucking, read this book. Because just like I said about Michael Moores Fahrenheit 911 movie, if even half this stuff is true, then we got a problem. And according to the man that had to deal with it, the problem we got is the league imposed #1 player is a man-child. Not the Dwight Howard type of man-child, but the backstabbing, crying, pouting type of man-child. The type of guy who in high school was rumoured to sabotage his own team to keep games close till the end for him to take over. The type of guy who perfered the "me first" approach to basketball. The type that will say yes to you, but a moment later would say no to everyone else. The type that would say 15 minutes but show up 45 minutes later. The type that would give a promise to not speak to the media, and the next morning the paper is full of quotes.

I am only half way done, but it's a great book and a great look behind the scenes of an NBA franchise. Very similar to the Running and gunning with the Phoenix Suns book, except I might even perfer this one, just because of the added drama with the Shaq vs. Kobe thing (Shaq was not perfect, but at least he knew the terms loyalty and respect) but also because of the insight into the coaching styles of Phil Jackson. How he uses time outs, how he approachs road games. Little things that offer tons of insight for us basketball fans.

I don't try to hide my dislike for Kobe Bryant. And I am saving my major Kobe rant for the end of the "1st pick in a draft" poll I got going right now. But at this point, with me reading this book and hearing these sorry excuse for announcers talk up this guy, I wonder if everyone forgot that he just a few months ago demanded a trade in public twice and was filming in a parking lot putting down his teammates. What a team guy he is. Demanding trades and insulting young teammates just shows the type of character that ironically is similar to the character that Phil Jackson talked about in his book. Hmmm I wonder if then there is any truth to how Jackson described Kobe. If you read this book like I am, you might see a different light on this superstar.

If your response to all this is "but he is unstoppable" or any other crap like that...
1) He has been stopped from making it past the 1st round of the playoffs 3 years in a row.
2) Sorry that I perfer supporting basketball players with some decent character.

If your going to support someone, go with Lebron.

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juju said...


Phil wrote a book cause he was pissed and just because he wrote stuff doesn't make it the truth. If you want sell books you let's say massage the truth to make it bigger, better, nastier than it actually was. If Kobe was as bad as Phil tried to portray in his book why is he back coaching the uncoachable.

If you got a 350 pound elephant (Shaq) on your back you're not going to try and get him off.

Shaq was so respectful and loyal he yelled at the owner during a game to f--king pay him.

Please. Hate Kobe Bryant all you want. You don't know a damn thing about him except what you read. And it's your right to base your opinion of a stranger on the opinion of other strangers.

If you're mad cause Bryant said ship Bynum's ass out for J-Kidd oh well! He didn't say anything bad about the kid he just said it should have been a no brainer to trade Bynum for Kidd. I ain't mad at him cause he told the truth. If you're are, you need to get over it.