Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Well look who is going to Milwaukee...

I had almost forgotten all about Yi Jianlian and the Milwaukee Buck situation. Since then, we have had national teams to discuss and refs working for the mob. But I am very happy to hear that this little problem is over and that Yi will be dressed in a Bucks uniform this upcoming season. Franchise's in smaller locations need protection against this kind of crap, again I remember Steve Francis and the (no longer in) Vancouver Grizzles. I have no idea how involved the NBA got in this, but David Stern is quoted in that link so I am assuming he got his hands dirty in some fashion.

As for this upcoming season, I think Yi will play very nicely for the Bucks. Let's see how much burn he gets because supposedly that was one of the issues his handlers had was that he would be riding the pine in Milwaukee (which must rookies do).

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