Friday, August 3, 2007


Raptor TV has been playing some classic all-star games from the past. Mostly the early 2000's but they also put one from the mid 90's and also one from the mid 80's. It has given us viewers an opportunity to view the evolution of the NBA all-star game and to observe how ugly it has been getting. What they got in the 80's and somewhat in the 90's was that the definition of an all-star game was to take the best from one side and put them against the best from the other side. That would though require effort from the players involved to play the best basketball they can and not turn the whole thing into a lob fest which is what unfortunatly the class of late 90's, early 2000's has brought. I have played basketball my entire life, I think I have somewhat of an understanding on how the game works, and I understand that defense is just as important a part to the sport as offense is. "Oh but the crowd didn't come to watch defense, they came to watch the offense" - this is somewhat true, but they also came to watch a game. If they wanted what the all-star came has turned into today, they can go down to the playground and watch a bunch of guys mess around. But a true GAME should involve effort on both sides to play to their top potential. Play defense with just as much effort as playing offense. That is what the game is suppose to be about and that is what the players of today are not bringing to the table.

It's not like it means that they can't still have Shaq running the point, or taking a rare three pointer. Or A.I. or Kidd doing a few lobs for dunks or the Tracy McGrady off the backboard dunk. But in 48 minutes of a game, I don't want that for 45 minutes of it. A few possessions in the second quarter sure but do they not realize that some of these spectacular moves they pull off would be a lot more impressive if it was done in the context of a real game instead of something that is generated out of a 4 on 0! Sadly the whole "playing the last 3 minutes" of a game thing has also disappeared the last few years. Now one team is more successful at these highlight plays then the other and they (usually the west) build a 20 point lead that leaves the last few minutes meaningless. So now instead of 3-4 minutes of a real game, we get nothing. AND don't get me started on the embarrassment that is the rookie game. They need to fix that quick or drop it. I think David Lee, who is a good player, went 15 for 15 or something last year. Again he is good, but come on.

And if players want to complain about how it's the only break they get in the season and why should they have to spend their time playing another game, suspend them a hundred thousand of their 10 million dollar contract based on stupidity. They play 82 plus games in a 365 day calender year. Cry me a river. And also stop sucking up to the celebs who are only there for self-promotion anyways (except for Jack, he is legit) and take a cue from the stars of the 80's and a little thing they liked to call PRIDE. It is an important part of life, and courtesy of Raptor TV I get a chance to see that level of pride in players decrease every single year.

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