Thursday, August 2, 2007

Raptor schedule is out

So what do the Raptors get for U.S. national coverage? 4 NBA TV games and one ESPN game vs. Detroit. Blah, still no respect. Oh well. They start in the ACC vs Philly for the first game. First road game is a biggie, VC SUCKS!!! And then it's back home for Boston. Wow! First 3 against Atlantic teams. We will have a good idea how that division is going to look in the first week! Also we don't have that dreaded West coast trip of hell in the first month. In November we get 9 homes and 7 roads. Now for the bad news...a 7!!! game stretch on the road in December (that will include the Suns/Spurs/Rockets). And Mo Pete is not here till March which is disappointing it's so late. Regardless what a start to the season, the first 16 games include 2 vs Atlantic divison Philly with one against the Nets and Boston. 2 against the Bulls and 2 vs the Cavs. One vs Dallas and Utah and Golden State.
Alright, way too early, but the goal for the first month is a 10-6 record. And if the season is coming down the stretch at the end, the last 6 games are Nets/Bucks/Nets/Pistons/Heat/Bulls.

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