Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fantasy Basketball

This season will the the 3rd year for me taking part in a fantasy basketball league. I learned very quickly how addictive a fantasy league can be and also how much energy and attention it deserves if winning is the goal. has a great fantasy site is free and I recommend any hoops fan to take part in it this year and see for themselves how addictive it can be.
Important to remember though, what ever league you join, make sure everyone involved will have a certain level of interest in the group. Nothing worse then having people who look at it once a month, you want people checking on a daily basis.

So it is still early to really do any homework for the fantasy draft this year, but I have been thinking about who would be my first pick. Last year it was a given that the first pick was Lebron James, no doubt about that. But at the end of the season he was not the number one player in our league. Wade/Garnett and Nash were all ahead of him. We did a point based system, 2 points for assists/steals/blocks, one point for every rebound and another for an offensive rebound, one for a three pointer and then 3 points for every basket, minues one for every basket attempt. Free throws are similar, 2 points for a free throw made, minus one for a free throw attempt.

5 for 15/1 for 3 from the 3 point line/6 for 7 free throws/4 assists/1 steal/one block/7 boards/one offensive board = 26 fan points.

Lebron came in 4th, so my questions for this year is if Lebron is the hands down number one pick? If Wade stays healthy will he perform like he did last year when healthy? Can Nash have another MVP type year? How is Garnett playing with 2 other all-stars going to affect his productivity? I still got plenty of time to decide but it is something I am giving more and more thought to as we get closer to the time.

Any thoughts?