Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bryan Colangelo giving the net some love

Neate Sager on his blog Out of Left Field scored an interview with our lord and saviour Bryan Colangelo. Even more interesting then hearing some words from the main man himself, is also learning of what is going on with Michael Jordan's son who is following in the footsteps of dad and playing college ball in the states. Could we be seeing Jordan Jr. in the NBA some time in the near future? The thoughts of another Jordan in the NBA is starting to blow my mind actually, imagine if the son could recreate the magic his dad had in his days? Me being the Jordan fan that I am, this is actually quite an exciting thought, although unfair for the kid to be subjected to the comparisons with MJ since matching what his dad did would be just a little bit difficult. Selfish me though want's to see the kid try.

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