Friday, September 28, 2007

Can Jason Kidd handle the minutes?

Back up point guard Marcus Williams of the New Jersey Nets has suffered a fracture in his foot and will require surgery. No idea on the timetable, but I think we can at least expect that some regular season time will be missed.

No offense to Williams, but this it not earth shattering news. But I am bring this up as it can impact the chances for our Raptors to repeat at divison champions. We all know that it's a three way race between the Celtics/Nets/Raps. The key to New Jersey is in Jason Kidd, and he can not be superhuman. He has seemed that way at times, but as each year passes, he is going to need more and more rest. Williams was drafted as the guy to one day replace Kidd, but until then, give Kidd some rest during the season. Keep Jason fresh for the main event which is the playoffs.

Is Marcus going to be out all season? No. But the more Kidd is forced to play, the more he will be worn down come playoff time.
Remember, Kidd already put in time this summer to the U.S. team. If he is forced to give 38 minutes a game instead of 33 for any stretch, its all going to add up at some point.

At least that's what we Raptor fans hope for.

The flip side is, Kidd has been superhuman every year so far. He might just very well be superhuman for 07-08 as well.

Update for you all
Tomorrow I am going to do up a quick rant on the greatest team poll I got going, and then IT'S GO TIME. Monday will be the start of the season preview. Big polls and big write-ups. Make sure you check back and see if you agree with my thoughts on all 30 teams.

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