Monday, September 3, 2007

Now for the main event

Let's forget about the FIBA America's, that just proved to be a complete waste of time, and go to the Eurobasketball championship. Same type of tournament as the America's except with much more talent involved.

I think my team for international play has become Spain, based the passion of the fans (as seen during Raptor games at the ACC), the passion of the players (Garbajosa would risk his career to play for his country) and the fact that 2 Raptors play for the country. In the opening game, Spain played Portugal and after a tight few minutes, Spain broke the game open with a 16-0 run that ended the first quarter and started the second. Game ended with Spain winning 82-56. Pau Gasol was the high man for Spain with 19 points. And good news for Rap fans....Garbajosa played 18 minutes (Gasol played 19 for comparison) with 8 points and 4 boards, throw in 2 steals and that is not a bad line for a guy who is playing his first game since March. Jose Calderon on the other hand played 14 minutes, took only one shot and had 3 assists.

Andrea Bargnani and Italy lost on a buzzer beater to Rasho Nesterovic and Solvenia, 69-68. A minor upset as Italy was the slight favorite to win the divison, although the word is that Italy was missing three key players for the game and also that Bargnani was questionable going into the game with a sore back. Rasho had a nice line of 21 minutes, 6 boards and 6 points and a block. Bargnani on the other hand, what the hell is this -- > 26 minutes, 2 for 10 shooting, 1 Board, 1 Steal, 3 fouls and 2 turnovers. Bargnani buddy, you are the key to winning the Eastern Conference, bad back or no, step it up man.

Tony Parker was a machine for France, as they beat Poland 74-66. Parker acted like it was an NBA championship game vs. Cleveland with his line of 16 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Boris Diaw of the Suns added 10 points, 4 boards and 2 assists. I am sorry though, I don't know much about Poland's basketball team, but it's Poland..have they ever been a powerhouse in basketball?I do though got a feeling that with France w/Parker is like Brazil w/Barbosa. The star needs to be a star for them to win any games. I could be wrong though.

Andrei Kirilenko on the other hand said "F*CK you Jerry Sloan" with a 24-12 game as Russia beat Serbia 73-65. Add in three blocks, 3 assists and a steal and you got a guy who is proving that he still has talent, no matter what we saw from him in Utah last year. Darko Milicic on the other hand said "HAHA Suckers" to Memphis with his 2 for 13 shooting.

Disco Dirk Nowitski lead Germany to a tight OT win over Czech Republic with a 83-78 score. Dirk with a 35 and 11 game. HUGE! Although he also played 43 minutes!

Latvia beat Croatia 85-77. Andris Biedrins of the warriors with 14 and 7 plus 6 turnovers. Greece over Israel 76 -66.

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