Saturday, October 27, 2007

More thoughts

I don't know what else to add here, it was just silly. It was like the Raps were the U.S. National team while the Wiz were doing an impression of the Canadian national team. In fact. and I can not confirm this, but I think that the worst stretch of the game for the Raps, which was a 3-4 minute stretch at the end of the 2nd quarter, was because they were just bored silly by what was going on.

And for the first time I was bored.

I love watching the Raps blow teams out. I always mention that Denver game from last season where the Raps were up by 25 by the second quarter or something like that, and I did not get bored. It was great. But this game was just so one sided, I lost interest half way threw the 3rd. I know it's preseason, but based on what we have seen this past week, the Raps WILL blow out a number of teams this upcoming season. There is no doubt about it.

Bargnani looked great. Bosh looked good, in rhythm, although it is looking like his scoring average is going to be around 15 ppg at this rate, as the Raps just have such strong weapons all across the board. I read that with out Bosh, the Raps are a cellar team. BULLSHIT. The Raps would easily still be a playoff team even with out Bosh, although it would be 7th or 8th spot. Seriously, that's how good they are looking.

I am now torn on Delfino and Kapono on who should start. Kapono brings the spacing and shooting, Delfino brings the defense and rebounding. I wish we had one more game where Delfino started and Kapono came off the bench, but oh well. Ether way, we are good.

It is night and day with these two when compared to the Boston game 3 weeks ago.

Who else? Oh, say good bye to Jackson. Unless a trade is made, it will be Jackson bought out. It was sad too, as he set up a Moon highflying dunk. So the crowd goes nuts for a dunk that Jackson set up for the guy who will be replacing him. Dixon, unless via trade, is not going anywhere.

Garbo has not gotten the minutes the past few games. I am assuming, of course, that they obviously know what to expect from him and can rest him from the Euros, but is he going to be a 25-30 minute player or a 12-15 minutes player this season?

The rotation should be...


Guys and girls, the Raps are looking REALLY good. But, it does not mean anything until Wednesday.

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