Friday, October 26, 2007

More on last night

Now that I have reviewed the footage, I can give some more thoughts on last nights blowout at the ACC. Here is the lineup for the Raps that did the damage...

Jose Calderon
Juan Dixon
Carlos Delfino
Kris Humphries
Rasho Nesterovic

It was when these players were on the floor that the Raptors took over. Gotta love the depth of this team. You all might have heard by now, but Delfino had his best game in a Raptors uniform. 18 points, 9 boards (4 of which were on the offensive end) and 3 assists. Kapono went 5 for 8 with 2 for 2 from the three point line and added 3 boards. Now the big difference between the two players was that Delfino covered Lebron better then Kapono. If we assume that this night will be a typical evening for these players, my feeling is to keep Kapono the starter, let him build up that lead using his spacing and shooting and then go with Delfino for 25-30 minutes in the game after that. Almost similar to the T.J./Jose breakdown.

We will see what happens tonight first though.

As for CB4, well, he looked alright. The good news always was that Bosh had these two preseason games to get back into the rhythm before the season started, and that is exactly what happened last night, Bosh getting back into rhythm. Actually in the first half, Ford and Bargnani looked out of rhythm because of Bosh which is natural. I think though that after tonight, we will be all good and ready for Wednesday.

The battle between Moon/Dixon/Jackson for that last spot was not cleared up last night. Actually, I don't know why Dixon is even included in these conversations. Dixon's issue is match ups, as he is a SG in a small PG's body. But he is a shooter and a smart player and there is no way that the Raps aren't going to keep him on this team. He might be at the end of the depth chart, but he has a solid spot on it. As for Moon and Jackson, well Mitchell did not give ether a great look tonight. I am going to assume that he will try to give them each 10 minutes tonight because on Monday decisions will be made. At this stage, with the upside of Moon, I think we have seen the last of Luke Jackson. He has done zero this offseason.

Now I will also add one more observation from last night. I think the Raps are better then this Cavs team. But the Cavs team that we saw last night would have gotten beaten by 80% of the teams in the NBA. The Cavs last night looked HORRIBLE. What happened in China? They looked tired and just completely out of it. Check this out, and it was only for about a minute or two, but the line up of Martin/Moon/Jackson/Graham/Baston took on Lebron/Hughes/Gooden/Big Z and that Raptor lineup DOMINATED! So...yeah...Cleveland did not bring the A game last night.

Tonight, its the Wiz and the last game of the preseason.

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