Friday, October 12, 2007

Raps vs Real

Some of you may already know, some of you might not, but the Toronto Raptors lost yesterday to Real Madrid by a score of 104-103. This puts the Raps at a preseason record of 1-2, not like last year when they tore preseason up going 7-1 overall. But let me just tell you Raptor fans, if you are worried, don't worry! It's fine. Here is the things to remember about yesterdays game...

1) Real Madrid is good, really good. They are one of the best club teams in Europe.

2) The Raps looked tired, real tired. Ford started the game great. But the opposing PG on Real Madrid picked up Ford full court every play and wore out T.J. And not just Ford but 75% of the Raps looked quite tired. This is preseason to them playing in a playoff type of game. And that's what the vibe, with the crowd into it and the other team jacked and ready to go, it had that vibe. Naturally a team travelling overseas, going threw a lot of promotional appearances and just trying to get back into game shape will have a tough time in a playoff game right now.

3) Home court for Madrid. The crowd was clearly behind Madrid, and was a very different type of crowd that a typical North American crowd. They did this thing where when the Raps were on offense, the crowd would whistle. And it was effective in throwing the Raps off for a couple of possessions.

4) No Bosh. I perfer they show they are talented enough to win without Bosh, and I do believe they are. But still, with Bosh it would have been a victory.

5) Luke Jackson played. IT'S PRESEASON! I know the Raps did want to win, and went for it, but they still needed to do preseason type of things. Like giving the bench extended minutes. Jackson will not be in the regular rotation come season time. Plus, on a side note, he did not look good.

So the Raps are coming home now. And have 4 more preseason games. At this stage, we still need to see something more out of Kapono and Delfino. Both guys have done nothing bad, but also nothing good. They are just there at this point. Time to step up.

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