Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rockhard Fantasy Draft preview

So tomorrow is the big day. The 2007 fantasy draft lottery. I got 4th pick and it looks like Gilbert Arenas will be leading the charge for the Power of Pain. Who would I take if I had number one? Hands down I think the top fantasy player will be Kevin Garnett. After watching him play against the Raps last week, I can say one thing for sure, HE is JACKED UP!! And a Jacked up, motivated Kevin Garnett is a fantasy winner!!

But he won't be around for number 4.

This is how I predict it goes down...
Number 2 pick will go to Lebron if available for sure, if not available then it's Garnett. I got a feeling though that Lebron is number one and Garnett will be number two. The only chance I got at Garnett is if Arenas or Dirk goes one, which is doubtful. If that does happen, Lebron will go two, and I then bank on a Kobe lover taking Kobe 3rd which leaves me with Garnett at four.

Regardless, I am getting whats left over from Lebron/Kobe/Garnett/Arenas. Although as you all know, I am not a Kobe fan, and I will give serious thought to taking Nash 4th over Kobe EVEN though Kobe should be the stronger fan player. The reality is, 1st round guys are all solid so the difference is not that major between them.

I will let you guys know my team on Tuesday. Until then though, let's repost the draft lottery video once again. I must admit something...I have seen quite a few of these types of videos pop up on youtube, mostly for fantasy football, but this might be bragging, but ours kicks all kinds of ass.

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