Thursday, November 29, 2007

Last night...

New Jersey Nets
Chicago Bulls
Memphis Grizzlies

The growing list of NBA teams that have been blown out by the might Raptors. I really wish I could add Dallas to that list, but I can’t put a team on the list unless Derrek Martin gets serious burn. Only then, has the Raptors truly blown a team out. And don’t be fooled by the 13 point difference in the final score. This game was in garbage time mid way threw the 3rd. The defence of the Raps was abit shaky in the 1st quarter, and when Bosh headed into the locker room, and Hump and Derrick Martin was on the court, it did look scary. In fact, the second quarter when the Raps outscored the Grizz 30-10 was tight up until about 5 minutes left when, surprise surprise, Jose checked back into the game. Calderon is just on fire right now and that 5 minute stretch was just awesome.

We, without a shadow of a doubt, need TJ back sooner then later. That keeps Martin off the court and allows the Raps to keep the pace of the game quicker for much longer. Believe me, I know all about trying to pace myself to stay mentally focused during the course of a game. In my b-ball league we play two 23 minute halves and I have smoked more then a few packs of cigs since my high school days. If I go for it all in the first 5 minutes, then I am completely useless for the remainder of the 41 minutes. So I have had to learn to pace myself, only using my energy in bursts. So with Jose, who I am quite sure is in just a little bit better shape then I am, can obviously have more frequent burst of energy BUT, he still has to pace himself for the 41 minutes a game he is getting. With TJ though, both players don’t have to worry so much about saving energy and can turn it up a notch more frequently. That puts a very high amount of pressure on the defenses to continuously stay on guard for the attacking Raptor points. We need TJ back to help deliver that 48 minute attack.

Here is my advice to the Raps…Friday vs Cleveland, if Ford is ready to go, start Jose and have TJ come off the bench. Let TJ work with the second unit and let Jose continue doing what he has been doing the past 4 or 5 games. Then against Washington on Saturday let TJ start where he should be full of energy which will be needed in that particular game.

Speaking of Cleveland, usually I prefer the Raps prove themselves and beat teams at full strength, but it is early in the season, and I think it would be nicer right now just to get a streak going, so is it wrong to hope that Lebron does miss a few games due to that injury last night?

I am not too worried about Bosh though, as it was his groin muscle he hurt last night and NOT his knee which I was initially afraid of. If it was the knee then that would have been a huge problem, but a pulled groin? Hopefully he is back for tomorrow. As for Bargnani, I am not that worried ether. He was able to hop off the court, and unless you need to be carried off, he shouldn’t be hurt that badly. If Lebron does not play Friday, and I do NOT want to get over confident here, but we won’t need Bargnani. Washington, who is playing outstanding so far given the fact that they lost Arenas, we will Bargnani for.

And Carlos Delfino…HUGE. He in the second quarter, Bargnani in the third (it was when Rasho subbed out and Bargnani subbed in that the Raps really ran away with it) and Jose overall were last nights MVP’s.

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