Friday, November 2, 2007

That a boy

T-Mac baby!!!!

You might be wondering why I would be so excited about Tracy McGrady putting up a huge 47 points last night against the Jazz. Well it is simple, he was my third round pick in this years fantasy draft. THAT A BOY T-MAC. Keep that back stretched though for the love of all things holy.

What a win last night by Houston by the way. After not looking all that impressive in Game one this year vs. the Lakers, the Rockets went into a tough environment against an excellent team (which beat the Rockets out last year in the playoffs) and pulled out a convincing win. And factoring in the fact that with about 5 minutes to go in the 1st, the Jazz were up 16-6 or something like that, this really was a nice victory for Houston. What I noticed last night that helped was subbing out Ming early in the 1st (not sure if the reason was due to foul trouble, but I don’t think it was) and bringing him back in at the start of the 2nd. Ming was able to get a few baskets against the second unit of the Jazz and that started to turn the momentum around in Houston’s favor. Combined with McGrady shooting an insane 65%ish percentage for 47 points, the Jazz could not even get close to a comeback.

Give it up to the Sonics last night, who made it a game vs the Suns and lost it in the 4th due to inexperience, losing 106-99. Still it was a nice game for Seattle last night. Durant filling it up with 27 points.

Detroit beat Miami. The Heat has yet to win this year (including pre-season). By the time that D-Wade get’s back and into the full swing of things, it will be too late for this team.

Oh, and I know it was two days ago, but what is going on in Cleveland??? I didn’t expect them to make the finals again, but they are looking like a lottery team. They still have 81 more games, but with the East getting better, and teams like Atlanta, Orlando, NY, Charlotte and Indiana looking to make moves up the standing this year, Cleveland is looking like it is going to fall behind in a big way this season.

Tonight. Raps vs. Jersey. Huge game. The motivation is there for the Raptors to get the W. BUT it will be a tough one.

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