Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Young and the Restless

Ahhh the New York Knicks. You guys just don’t disappoint. When we, as basketball fans, look for some drama in our sport of choice, we look at you NY. I thought over the summer about if there was any chance we would not get any Knicks related entertainment, but I guess I forgot who it was that we were dealing with.

Take a read on this article to get a nice summary of where the Knicks are today.

But seriously, please, some body tell me what in god’s name is Dolan thinking? Never mind Isiah, any right minded owner would have fired this guy YEARS ago! No playoffs, contract buy out’s for a handful of players, hefty contract signings for guys who looked like they belong in the D-League, trading for hefty contracts and on and on and on. Seriously, WHAT is Dolan thinking? He MUST have some sort of intelligence, right? He is in the top seat of a major corporation.

So the Knicks miss the playoffs again this year. And Isiah will be back for 2008-2009 I swear, Isiah MUST have something on Dolan.

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