Monday, December 3, 2007

The week ahead

Well this week might not be pretty.

Monday vs Charlotte
Wednesday vs Phoenix
Friday at Boston
Sunday vs Houston

The good news is that 3 of the games are at home. The bad news is that Bosh/Bargnani and Ford will not be playing tonight and who knows about later on this week. And even if they do play, as we saw how long it took Bosh to get into game shape from that pre-season injury, they might not be playing at 100%.

Charlotte – Last season we handled Charlotte with out much problems. And if we were at 100% we would be able to do it again this year. But missing the players we are missing, tonight might just be a close one. Being a home game for Toronto helps, but at the same point, the Raptors can’t afford to lose tonight with the schedule they got coming up. Time for Moon/Parker/Delfino to step up, and for Jose to take maybe a few more shots on the offensive end. Even with out the Raps big 3, the team is solid, but when Hump and Joey are on the floor, no one is safe.

Phoenix – Let’s just hope that all hands are on deck for this one. If we take on the Suns sans Bosh and Bargnani, it will be trouble. Even with those two, this would be trouble. But at some point the Raptors need to start to get some victories over the NBA elite. The Suns have been playing good basketball, but they have also allowed teams like the Knicks to stick around for the majority of the 48 minutes. The Raptors are better then the Knicks, which actually might make this tougher as I doubt the Suns will try to sleep walk threw Wednesday’s game.

Boston – If Bosh and Bargnani play on Wednesday, then this might just be the message game in Boston. Let’s be honest, the Celtics have not looked all that impressive recently. They are getting by on some solid defense and the fact that the teams they are playing have come up with duds (that Knicks team looked worst then my high school basketball team. I really truly think that we could have taken then out as well). This game is the perfect chance for the Raptors, if they are making their shots, to send a message. BUT, it’s going to require a 100% Bosh and Bargnani.

Houston – Well last season the Raps smoked the Rockets and the Rockets smoked the Raps. So let’s see who brings the goods this week.

Well….2/4 is the goal. That means tonight and one of the big three games. 3 wins this week would be magical, but the Raps have still yet to prove they can take out a top dog, and the Suns/Celtics are at that level with the Rockets not far behind. Let’s keep those fingers crossed that at least Bosh gets back ASAP.

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