Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Get out the Salami and Cheese..."

Raptor/NBA tv can really annoy me with the amount of repeats they have, but at least they can show the goods once in a while. Last night I taped on the PVR both the Suns vs Nets double overtime game from December and also the Suns Vs. Mavs overtime game in March. One thing I noticed with the Suns/Nets game was how much it's like nails on a chalkboard listening to home team announcers. I know they have the interest in, and are usually huge fans of, the home team that they broadcast the majority of games for and I can accept some home team preference. But there is a limit. As in 95% of the calls against the team they are with (in this case the Nets) they complain about during the replay. "Ohhh that was not a charge at all" (yes it was) "what moving screen? He gave him a slight bump" "Raja Ball adds some flop into it" and my favorite "Vince Carter is one of the more incredible people to step on the court" (hahaha). Don't get me wrong, if anyone has had the pleasure to hear Chuck Swirsky do Rap games they do know that Chuck can be just as bad. Mr. "FROM DOWNTOWN MILTON" himself does express the home favoritism to a high degree also. Let's not forget that of the 120 votes for rookie of the year, only one did not vote for Brandon Roy and went with Toronto's own Ill Mago instead. Ahhh gotta love Chuck. I have changed my opinion about him though as time went on. At first I could not stand him for many reasons including being just like the guys who do the Nets games. But luckly who ever had been working with Chuck this past year, Leo Routins or Jack Armstrong, have been strong at keeping everything even balanced. So when Chuck goes a bit overboard with the homer stuff, it becomes enjoyable and funny instead of irritating and annoying since it's bits and peices and not 95% of the time. We do have to work on the catch phrases with Chuck still though... for every good one - "MP3 Download" we still gotta take the bad ones - "Bosh Pit". Regardless, other broadcasting teams would be wise to take note of the balance found from the Raptor Broadcasts.


Ryan Watt said...

Love the blog Rob.. I will be a frequent visitor.

Anonymous said...

Yeah man, agreed. Good blog. I am PUMPED for this season. I've always followed the Raps fairly close but last season turned me into a die hard. Future's lookin bright boys!