Thursday, July 19, 2007

Some thoughts from a Knicks/Pistons game

They played the triple overtime game between the Knicks and Pistons from December 27th on Raps tv last night. Here are some thoughts I had watching it...

The Pistons really get by on the experience and confidence factor. Mind you this game was before Webber when they turned it up a notch, but even in the playoffs I think they got exposed. How else do you explain them losing to the Cavs? I know the popular opinion is that they are bored during the regular season and it's not good enough to just turn it up in the playoffs, but I think something needs to be said about the the Pistons missing Larry Brown. It's like the Raptors in this way... when Butch Carter was coach of the raps, he added a toughness to the team including Vince Carter and got them to the Raps first ever playoff appearance. He left and was replaced by Lenny Wilkins. Lenny Wilkins was exposed later as being way to soft in every aspect for the team but they still had there best playoff run under Lenny Wilkins first season with them. My opinion is that the team still had the Butch Carter in them. Slowly the impartial attitude of Lenny soaked in (see Vince today) and it was over very quickly for that generation of Raptors. Maybe it's the same idea with the Pistons, Larry Browns coaching mixed with the championship experience and also talent is still in the blood of the team, but it is slowly being lost as time goes on. And it's being replaced by frustration and lack of confidence in the new coach. Let's just say, I don't see that deeeetroit Baaasketball as much these days.

Jared Jeffries is horrible. We will see if the injuries and suspension did play a large factor, but in this game he had bust written on his forehead.

David Lee is a championship piece. It might be as a 6th man, but he is a piece to a championship puzzle.

Eddie Curry is the kiss of death. He is the anti-Lee. Defense and rebounding are not just bad, its a joke with this guy.

I talked about announcers being homers...MSG announcers are great. Very very fair. Somewhat dry, but fair which in turn made the game more enjoyable to listen too.

No matter what Starbury says, he won't give the team over to Curry. He will make sure that Curry gets some stats to keep Isiah happy, but Marbury wants to be STARbury. You don't just give youself that nick-name with out wanting it to be just that.

Rolando Balkman was not the bust everyone laughed about during that draft a few years ago. But he still made that draft night entertaining as hell watching the reaction from Knick fans.

Carlos was nice to watch him play since I do not know much about him. And it was nice that this happened to be a good game for him. 6-8 overall, 3-4 from the three point line, 3 boards, 2 steals and one block. Besides the percentages, its not like this stat line jumps out in a large way. But the key that I saw was how little he was involved in the offense. His stats usually came from broken plays. A few times he would end up with the ball off an offense rebound or steal and would run some plays for himself from the point. I think he has a high basketball I.Q. and a great shot (he hit the game tying three to send it into overtime) and to be honest I can see how he would be inconsistent in Detroit's system. Detroit is not about ball movement. Its about running Hamilton off screens, and pick and rolls with Rasheed or going down low with Rasheed. Or Iso with Billups. In Toronto's system of ball movement, where we can see 5 -7 players scoring in double digits, I got a feeling Delfino will shine. And the key for the Raps is to get Delfino involved enough so that he shows up on scouting reports therefore getting the defense to respect him every game. Making everything easier the rest of the team. And on defense, he might not be strong on the perimeter playing one on one, but he looked fine to the point that he won't be a liability.

Here is how Delfino overtime sending three looked from the crowd...

And a "Welcome to the Raptors" video...

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