Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Out of sight, out of mind

I was able to catch some of this David Stern press conference in regards to Tim Donaghy. When I say some of the press conference, that is because CNN made the decision to go away from Stern about 10 minutes into it because of boredom to be honest. Really, thats what they said. They said something to the effect of "David Stern is taking his time, a long time, in explaining this". And it's true, I am very much interested in the topic yet I was bored out of my mind listening to Stern take 1 full minute getting out a 5 or so word sentence. Loooong pauses......explaining ahhh everything there is too.......know about this ahhh scandal we have here. Now I have heard Stern talk before, this was different...VERY different. And Stern doesn't get nervous or rattled, the guy knows how to do P.R. and talk with the best of them. So what was going on today? Here is my theory...he meant to make it as boring as possible!

Think about this...CNN couldn't come even close to going the distance with the guy before cutting out. Sure we will be able to read the summary of this press conference, but the less attention the better for the NBA. If they can bore people into not watching, well as the saying goes, out of sight out of mind. Boring people with one press conference is not going to change much over al but look at it this way... except for a 2 minute interview with Kareem Abdul Jabar, CNN has not mentioned the NBA in the past hour or so since they cut away from Stern.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I like your take about keeping it boring.. he's a cool customer your right, he never seems at a loss for words or rattled by a question.. I think that may be due to his experience as a laywer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob.. Jeremy gave us both some shoutouts on his website.. check it out.