Wednesday, August 15, 2007

25 Freakin Years

Looks like T.J. is going to win the battle of the point guards by a slight margin unless something crazy happens in the next 10 hours. I will dedicate my next posting to that subject matter. As we see in the other poll, some feel that the whole ref scandal is going to affect the NBA long term. Today Tim Donaghy plead guilty and could get the max 25 (ouch) years. All I will say today on this subject is that one big trade with Kevin Garnett had everyone forgetting about this issue. So now we will read about this issue some more for a few more days then the U.S. mens basketball team will take over the basketball news. Unless some new information pops up like if other refs were involved, this story in my opinion will be forgotten about in a week. The only side affects will be jokes made in reference to this and a new line to throw at NBA refs when attending games.

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