Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not good news today...

Chris Bosh is not going to take part in the FIBA Americas tournament this summer due to plantar fasclitis. While Chris playing against the best in the world, and having a possible starting spot on the U.S. team, would have been nice in getting Chris ready for the upcoming season, it's troubling that this plantar fasclitis is still around. I remember last year in training camp when it first came out that he had this issue and it did not seem to affect his performance last year BUT let's not make it two years in a row. I find it curious that he got until this point in training for the U.S. team before it was decided he needed to pull out. Did they think the plantar fasclitis was gone? And since it's not, why is it taking so long to clear up? This is something us Raptor fans need to keep an eye on because if Bosh still has this plantar fasclitis going into the new season, long term risks will start to rise if Chris keeps playing.

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