Thursday, August 16, 2007

The 2nd annual Rockhard fantasy draft lottery coming soon

Still so much time till we even get back into the crazy world we call fantasy basketball, has not even made the fan section available yet, but last year just for fun, some of us put together our very own fantasy draft lottery show made especially for the 12 people involved. Something fun to do to get some practice with the new video camera and editing equipment. Well, this year we are going for round 2 and already have some big things planned. Pretty much we know how to make it look much more polished. So if your a fantasy player, you might appreciate our little video. Sure the production looks horrible and the sound is off in spots. And also a few minutes spent figuring out the selection of which teams are in the Lotion for the Motion division or the K-feds favorite teams divison. Don't think we are going to do that process on the show for this year. But anyhow, take a look at how some people do there fantasy basketball.

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