Friday, August 17, 2007

Bosh Update

The Toronto Star's Doug Smith is a very smart guy and has a great inside track on what is happening behind the scenes at Raptor HQ. He has yet to answer one of my questions I send him but part of that reason might be because I kept using Bruno B from Montreal. If you don't know who brunob is, just google him. Anyhow, today Doug answered someone elses question about Chris Bosh and Doug responded with...

"I see it being a problem, but not a huge one. You know he's going to get the best, most aggressive treatment he can between now and the start of training camp, as well as the rest that really helps.

I know he needs to practice but don't forget he somehow he muddled through last year without missing a single game because of the foot (his December absence was due to a knee problem) so he does know how to handle it.

If he misses a lot of games, say a quarter of the season, I can see them being life and death to make the playoffs, but every indication I've got over the last couple of days is that pulling out of the Olympic qualifier is very much a precautionary measure.

There's certainly no reason to panic right now, let's see how things develop between now and Nov. 1 before there's any need for the angst that seems to go hand-in-hand with being a Raptors fan."

Well I do think this angst is justified. Doug Smith answers NBA related questions every Tuesday and Friday. They are always a good read.

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