Friday, August 17, 2007

The ref scandal poll is closed

Well it is almost half and half on what some of you think about the effects of the ref scandal in the NBA. Honestly I don't know how some of you think this is a long term problem for the NBA but regardless it really won't be answered for a long time. More like 3-5 years of viewing the financial trends and swings because that is what really matters. Is the NBA still making money. And look at it this way...

Ratings - They have it easy here. Next year's championship series will be challenged to do any worse then this years when it comes to television ratings. And I think this year will see more big time games compared to last year. Interest in Oden and Durant. Seeing Boston play. Orlando will be more interesting to see in the first month. The Knicks will get some more attention from those foolish enough to think they have a chance this year. Golden State vs. Dallas has become one of the top games to watch in November. (It might even be the top game for the first month) Plus the usual match-ups involving the Suns/Mavs/Spurs/Jazz and stronger Rockets. Plus you silly kids who think its worth wasting time watching Mr "Overrated" himself Kobe Bryant.

Attendence - This was high last year so that is something that can decline if the ref scandal really will be a factor. The one's to worry about is the casual fans that go to one or two game's a year. They I think are the ones who could start ignoring the NBA because of this mess. But the city of Boston didn't seem to care about the whole ref thing when they started buying season tickets like crazy in anticipation for season #1 of Garnett. And let's be honest, for these casual fans, what else is there to do? Sometimes going to a game is just something to do and a reason to have a few beers.

Merchandise - Is only bought by the faithful anyways. Don't see many casual fans wearing basketball jerseys. And basketball junkies are not going anywhere so I don't see why they would stop buying.

And another thing, what else is sports fans going to do during the winter? Football? Well what about Monday-Saturday every week? Plus they got issue of there own with Michael Vick. Hockey? Sure my fellow Canadians might only focus on that, but as for Americans YEAH right. Reality is that even for the sports nut that is put off by this issue, come Jan/Feb when it has not been talked about in the news anymore and other issues that have risen from the regular season (injuries, big games) take over, I think most everyone is going to forget. But like I said, we won't know for sure for years.

By the way, I got a new poll on which player you would take in a draft. I am going to have that up for a while as you can see by the days remaining to vote but I am quite interested to see who everyone pretty much thinks is the MVP of the NBA. And if you think long term or short term. For example, Greg Oden might never be the triple double machine that Jason Kidd is, but Oden does have his full career ahead of him while Jason is on the tail end. I will be interest to see what the popular opinion is on this.

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