Sunday, August 26, 2007

Boston might now be considered the favorite

At first glance it might not seem like that big of a deal. James Posey signed a two year deal with Boston, leaving Miami in the dust. James Posey is not the big name free agent that helps a struggling team reach a higher level, BUT I do think in this particular case that this pick up is huge for Boston and might officially make them the favorites in the east. Here is why...

Until now we all thought of Boston has having one of the top 3 man combos in the league, but playing with that top 3 was the worst 4-12 in the league. Well Posey brings a championship ring and tough defensive skills to help bring the depth of Boston up a notch. Does he alone make Boston all of a sudden a deep team? Of course not, but he is a nice complementary player as seen in Miami with Shaq and Wade. And now the number of weak spots on the team has shortened. If Boston goes with a 9 man, instead of having 6 of those 9 filled with weaker players (Although I don't think Rondo will be that bad) now they have filled one of those spots with a quailty player. Boston already has the superstars, all they need is the role players. They didn't have any yesterday, and now they have one today. Yesterday they were considered a threat but maybe not the favorite because of depth. Well now they have improved the depth slightly, which in turn, improves there chances.

Injuries are what will stop them at this point.

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Matthew said...

You are right. Injuries are probably the only thing that could stop them at this point. They also have Scot Pollard to add a lot of team chemistry, and the rest of their backup roster could step up as well. Big Baby Davis was considered a top pick at a few points during his college career. The point is, I live just north of Boston, (but am a Raptors fan), and everybody is excited about the Celtics even though they ignored them for 15 years. They already have the Sox and Pats doing so well. They should not get a free pass on the Celts, and I am completely justified in scratching "Celtics Suck", if I feel so inclined, on cars with brand new green leprechaun bumper stickers.