Saturday, August 25, 2007


113-63... let's see here....this is calculator required type of difference... O.K. so I know I said Canada should shoot for 20, but maybe that was being much to kind. 50 points. OUCH. Oh man. I was watching something on Raptor TV a few days ago, a 30 minute preview of Team Canada, and they had some of the players talk about how they felt they could run with the States and were not intimidated. For future reference it might be better to have a realistic view of yourselfs before saying silly things like "having a chance". Hey, I am all for confidence, but sometimes it's best to say nothing. Canada did play 4 days in a row while the States had yesterday off, but like that mattered. If it was reversed roles where Canada had the day off and the U.S. played straight I really doubt the end result would be that different.

So now that the million dollar question of how badly they would do against the power house is answered, it's time to move on. And we should find out tomorrow what the schedule will be for round 2. Because of the 2-2 record, I will assume they will get matched up against a team with a similar record so who ever they play should be an interesting game to watch. With a win, that should put them at least in the top 5 which means another shot at the Olympics next summer and then hopefully a much needed injection of basketball talent with Nash and Magloire.

I really hoped that Canada would give more then what they did today. They might have been tired, but there is no excuse to score 2 baskets in 10 minutes.

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Ryan said...

Yeah the first quarter wasn't to bad we even had a 4-2 lead but 50 points that was rough.