Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Can Reggie Miller still play at 42?

Reggie Miller at the age of 42 is considering playing for the Celtics this upcoming season. I guess the deal would be that he would play 15 minutes a game off the bench for Boston and just be that added vet to help the Celtics fill up there depleted roster. That being said, can a 42 year give anything to any NBA team? My first instinct is that this was a joke, but the more I think about it, the more it seems like it's a decent shot for the Celtics. Look at it this way, Reggie Miller playing for the Celtics is not going to win them a championship. But giving Reggie Miller at 42 a shot as the 9th man in a rotation can go no worse then giving a chance to a large percentage of the other players in the league a shot. Who would I rather have as my 9th guy, Reggie Miller at 42 or Rafael Araujo? (I know I said no more Rafael Araujo shots but it does prove a point.) Reggie was always a shooter, and age might take away a few things from a player but it takes longer for someones shot to go. Ever notice it's the pure shooters that last the longest in the NBA? The slashers careers end in the low 30's. But Reggie was playing till he was 38 or 39 and still didn't have a bad season at the end. He still plays recreational ball and if he can last 82 games in a year. he would give the Celtics something off the bench. A shooter to give another shooter (Ray Allen) a 15 minute breather. Again the Celtics will have the worst depth in the Eastern Conference (and pretty much the league) so might as well use a million on one of the all-time great 3 point shooters instead of some one else that pretty much won't deliver and if it doesn't work out, they were going to be in the same situation anyways with the lack of depth they have.

But let me just close by saying, my opinions are based on a Danny Ainge run Boston Celtics team. If our lord and saviour Bryan Colangelo was in this situation, no way in hell he would waste any money on someone over the age of 40. Some people have the talent to find talent at cheap (Colangelo picking up Jamerio Moon) while others don't have the talent (Danny Ainge) so for Boston this is not a bad idea.

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Ryan said...

This is very interesting.. A Miller comeback.. As soon as I heard this my first thought was of Bobby Henderson jumping up and down!!