Thursday, August 9, 2007

Who's next? Anfernee Hardaway?

So now we have 36 year old Allan Houston with his arthritic left knee thinking about making a come back. I don't know about this. I mean Reggie is older, but he didn't have to retire due to bad knees ether. Houston has been playing the past month in summer leagues and says his knee feels great...I would love to see Houston or Miller or any of these older players come back and give a good performance for a year. I would like the age range for NBA players to last longer then the 19-35 that is typical accepted as the standard. But can they give something worth while? And if they are embarrassing or it doesn't work out, does that tarnish the legacy they built? Well if we can forget about Jordan's Washington years then I say go for it! Lets get some of these stars from the 90's back! Where's Shawn Kemp and Scottie Pippen and Mitch Richmond? Let's give them all a shot!

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