Sunday, August 5, 2007

Free Agents

Reposting this just for the fun of it. Don't have much time to write anything else since its Caribana here in Toronto. Tomorrow I will talk about the lack of respect of the Raps.

Vince Carter staying with the Nets - Well the Nets just made sure that they will be able to sell tickets when they move to Brooklyn. They also made sure that they are not winning any championship for the next 4 years.

Chauncey Billups staying with Deeeetroit Baaaasketball - Think it hurt him somewhat when he found out only one team was interested in him. I know I know, other teams might not have bothered trying because of the price tag and little chance of stealing. But I can't seem to forget that Ben Wallace was treated differently in a similar situation.

Rashard Lewis is making 17 million a season - SAY WHAT?!?!? Ok look, he is good. Orlando will be better. Dwight Howard is going to have a break out year because of this. But Orlando is SCREWED! Paying Lewis that much and Howard the same, they have no money to spend on the weak supporting cast that they have. Sure they will be a playoff team from this point forward. But I as a fan don't want playoffs, I want to see rings on fingers. And Howard/Lewis will be good, but as good at Duncan/Manu/Parker? Nash/Marion/Stoudimire?

Matt Carroll still shooting for the Bobcats - good for him

Gerald Wallace staying with the Bobcats - If he can stay injury free, he can help the Bobcats a great deal. Seriously...Felton/Richardson/Wallace/Okafor is not too shabby.

Andres Nocioni resigned with the Bulls - Good player, but did the bulls need to spend more then 7 million on him for 5 years? Deng and Gordon will need more money very very soon. And with all the money Wallace is getting the Bulls are still lacking the inside scoring they need and with no money to get it. Let's see if there is a trade in the works before fully passing judgement on this one.

Luke Walton working the triangle - Perfect player for that system. And somewhat cheap at 5 million (compared to guys like Matt Carroll getting just abit less for the Bobcats)

Mo Williams getting a nice pay day - The heat kinda screwed around with the Bucks. Because really, it must have been tempting to play with Wade and Shaq and for Pat. I believe that Mo Williams would have helped the Heat greatly. And playing in the lovely city of Miami. This all forced the Bucks to over pay Mo Williams abit with 9 million compared to the 5 million that the Heat could pay. If the Bucks lost Mo Williams they had zero point guards with nothing on the market. What is with the Bucks management????

Jamal Magloire going to his 30th team in his career - Does anyone remember this guy was an all-star?

Mikki Moore leaving Jason Kidd - Say good-bye to that high field goal percentage

Grant Hill playing half the season for the Suns - This actually works out well for both players. Very cheap and could potentially be the missing piece to the puzzle for the suns.

Darko Milicic trying to end the "...before Carmelo, Bosh and Wade" comments - And it very well might happen...and it very well might not. For 3 years a good risk for Memphis.

Jerry Stackhouse staying on the bench - Important part of Dallas success last year.

And of course Kapono and Peterson who I have already discussed.

This years winner (at this point)... The Suns. A vet who had a comeback year last year. Playing for a team that needs some help with experience. And only 2 million a season. Matt Carroll is making 4 and a half million, Grant Hill is making 2 million. Sounds like a good deal for the Suns,

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