Friday, August 24, 2007

Garbo is out for the European Championships

Let's hope Garbo doesn't hope grudges. He really really wanted to play in the European Championship for Spain in the next few weeks and had been trying very hard to rehab his ankle for it. Word had leaked that his ankle was in good enough shape for him to participate but the Raptors let it be known that they had final word, which they had not given as of yet. Well today they did give the word. From what I have heard and seen from Jorge Garbajosa is that he enjoys playing for the Raptors, but it's something different and just as important playing for his home country. I am almost as sure, although this is pure speculation, that when he went down in Boston, his concern after was not as much towards missing the NBA playoffs as much as missing this European Championship.

This is the best decision for long term though, the guy had a nasty injury and if the Raptors see any concern from the tests they ran, even if the risk was minor and it was made with the best interest of the club and not the individual in mind, it was the right decision. If he has not fully recovered then risking a career on this one tournament is silly. I would have liked Garbo to get the playing time in to get back up to speed, it took him a few months to get his complete game going last season, the first 2 months his shot was horrible, but he was playing at a very high level when he got hurt in March that hopefully he can get back to that level a little more quickly. I said it before and I will say it again, if he was in the series vs. Jersey, he would have made a major difference. So let's see how his attitude is and how long it takes him to get into game shape when training camp begins.

I don't believe he will have a negative attitude at all and won't affect the team in anyway, but like I mentioned, this must be devastating for the guy. So let's hope that he moves his focus to the Raps and the Olympics next summer.

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Anonymous said...

Garbo is a great player. Let's hope he has a great 2007-2008 season for us Raptor fans