Friday, August 24, 2007

Thats all she wrote

I made a promise a while ago to start to keep the jokes at Rafael Araujo's expense to a minimum. It was not his fault he was selected 8th...or in the first round. Araujo's career is over for the Utah Jazz as Araujo is heading overseas to play in Russia. Will we ever see Araujo again? I am sure a few summer league games will have the big guy playing. Will he ever make it back to the NBA? I sadly doubt it, he just didn't have the skill. But never say never, at least he will get some playing time overseas.

Now the trade that sent Araujo to Utah brought us Raptor fans Kris Humphries. I didn't doubt it before, but this just is the finishing stamp on the Raptors winning that trade. So as for the 2006-2007 trades....

Rafael Araujo for Kris Humphries and Robert Whaley - Winner: Raptors
Charlie Villanueva for T.J. Ford - Winner: Raptors (injuries played a factor, but them the breaks)
Matt Bonner, Eric Williams and a second round pick for Rasho Nesterovic - Winner: Raptors (Although Bonner could have a nice career when all is said and done)
Fred Jones for Juan Dixon - Winner: Draw (To be fair Fred put up some decent numbers in Portland just like Juan did in Toronto)

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Heasie said...

I have to agree. Arujo's days in the Big lights have passed him by. Arujo has no talent. He was schooled by younger players & seasoned Dleague ballers all this past summer league. Players at some point run past the "potential" time line and turn into sour grapes. Arujo is/was a cheerleader like the rest of us. Only he got to live the dream sitting on a bench! It was a strong run Arujo, you must have fumbled the ball thousands of times in your special minutes on the court. I will miss the crowd standing up for standing ovations as you made it in the game with 20 seconds to go in a blowout. RIP Hoffa... don't stick to your day job.