Friday, August 24, 2007

So much for that idea

Just in time for the end of my Reggie Miller poll, the decision was made that Reggie would not be attempting a comeback. He said physically he could do it but mentally he could not go through the 82 game grind of a NBA season. A few more of us here in the poll thought that Reggie could contribute and I do somewhat agree with that although the question is how much would he be exposed in anything other then shooting. Sure he would knock down the J, but would he have anything on the defensive end? Would it be easy for teams to expose that? I mean Boston has the weakest 3-12 in the NBA, and a 43 year old Miller would not improve that very much. In fact, I think Boston would be the team that Miller would struggle the most to be productive for. Any team playing Boston would be able to spend some energy preparing and dealing with Reggie since the Celtics have no one else besides the big 3 to deal with. If Miller played for, say the Suns, he might be able to contribute more as he would be under the radar. Teams would focus all energy on dealing with 7 players (Nash, Amare, Marion, Bell, Barbosa, Hill, Diaw) before even worrying about Miller's 15 minutes of playing time. It would have been interesting to see what he would have been able to do, but at least we still got Penny.

One thing I do want to add on though is that I am actually glad he decided to stay retired. It's not that often that players get a proper send off and that is what Miller got in his last game. To come back would have somewhat ruined this moment.

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