Thursday, August 23, 2007

If they can do it, why can't I?

That must have been what Samuel Dalembert said when he was watching his NBA buddies murder Venezuela last night. And he showed he was worth his press conference tonight by leading Canada to a tight victory over Venezuela 80-73. He along with Jermaine Anderson took over the game at the end as Dalembert had six in the final 2 minutes while Anderson had the last six of the game. 18 for Dalembert while Anderson added 17.

"Today we made a conscious effort of getting him the ball," Canada's Jermaine Anderson said.
"I'll take responsibility for that," said head coach Leo Rautins. "We needed to do a better job yesterday of getting Sam the ball early and we didn't do that. So it was a conscious effort to get him the ball tonight."
Today was a different story, as Dalembert posted a game-high 18 points on 6-of-11 shooting, to go with eight boards and five blocks.

Next is Virgin Islands, which Canada should win, then comes the "Can they keep it under 20" game vs. U.S.A.
One thing I was not informed about previously was that the teams that finish 3-5 of the 10 will compete next summer in a last chance type of tournament for the Olympics, so it's extremely important that Canada doesn't mess up tomorrow and lose a very winnable game. Hey, I have always said that Leo knows his basketball and he had recognized that Dalembert is the only shot they got at getting a few W's. Even though many things need to change in order to bring Canada basketball to a respectable level, having Leo on board is the one positive step made that doesn't need to be changed.

Just imagine if Nash and Magloire was also on this team?

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