Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Raptors vs Nets

Raptor TV is replaying the first round series of the Raptors/Nets this upcoming sunday starting at 6. Here is how I watched the games originally...

Game one I dropped $180 for seats that were 8 rows back from the baseline. I hate baseline seats, but for the playoffs and being 8 rows back it was fantastic. I went to the game knowing I was in the lower bowl, but when I entered the arena and kept going down and down the stairs, it was a thrill. The Raps lost, but I was too hammered by 2 o'clock to be that bothered. Passing out at 4 in the afternoon was interesting also. I have said it before, the first 20 minutes with the singing of the national anthem and Garbo joining the bench, as well as the Raps not getting off to a horrible start all made it a once in a lifetime event.

Game two was a tough one for me. It was the same night as my basketball league which meant taping the game on the PVR. Here is the deal...I had to take a streetcar and the subway to get to the school where my ball is at. The spot where I transfer between streetcar and subway is at Union station which is right beside the ACC. And of course, game 2 was at the ACC. So my goal was to get home with out finding out what happened so I can enjoy the complete game. I thought I would make it past Union before the game got out, but of course, I got into Union just as the game ended. I literally was plugging my ears as Raptor fans got on the streetcar, just trying to avoid the results. It was too late though, the honking of the horns of all the cars gave it away. Well, at least they won.

Game three was at philthy mcnastys where it was packed. Everyone was pumped. And within the first 5 minutes of the game, the disappointment had set in. By halftime we were completely focused on other things. That was definetly the most disappointing game of the series.

Game four was equally as disappointing but at least I was at home for that one. Lot's of channel surfing going on during this game.

Game five was a similar situation as game 2 as I did have a basketball game myself. And to be honest, the thought of seeing Vince win the series in Toronto was a scary thought. So to make things easy, I just went to a friends house who has no cable and we ended up listening to the game on the radio. That was a unique way of doing it, but at the same point, it would have been better to have seen it live. I am looking forward to watching this game on sunday.

Game six was on a friday. And that weekend I had to head to my hometown of Kingston, What crappy timing for everything. My father picked me up in Toronto and had to drop some people off in Hamilton before turning around and heading to Kingston. So it was another game for the radio. The disappointing part is that as the game got into the fourth quarter, we were too far from Toronto to get a clear signal. I didn't know the results until an hour after the game, and truth be told, I only saw the last play maybe months after the fact on youtube.

So bottom line is that I am looking forward to rewatching games 1,2,5 and 6. I might skip 3 and 4. And for any of you with Raptors TV, just a friendly reminder that it starts at 6 on Sunday.

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