Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yoda is coming back

Darrick Martin is coming back. Which is fine, as he was good for team chemistry, good for cheerleading and good for helping out with Ford and Jose. Both Jose and Ford got better as the season went on, and Martin was giving them tons of advice during the season, so how much did Martin help out in the progress of the two point guards?

That being said, let's just hope that the only time we see Martin on the court is during garbage time. I remember when the Suns were in town, it was the first game for Bosh post injury. T.J. Ford was injuried and Martin was getting minutes and not playing that bad. And for whatever reason, Mitchell decided to go with Martin over Jose at the end of the game. Bosh put the Raps up by 2 with about a minute and a half left (this capped off the big comeback as the Raps were down by 15 at one point) when Steve Nash just bolted down the court and hit a crazy three pointer about 1.5 seconds after Bosh scoried.

I forget the exact sequence, but Bosh scored again and Nash got fouled and scored some free throws to put the Suns up by 1 with 3 seconds left and zero time outs. The ball gets in bounded to Martin, he darts up the court and jacks a three pointer from 30 feet out. I was in the arena when everyone held their breath hoping the game winner would go in. And I was also there when everyone collectively said "what the f-ck" when the ball bounced of the shot clock. THE SHOT CLOCK!! No rim, no backboard, no air. SHOT CLOCK! And it was not a half court shot, it was 30 feet!! Half way between the 3pt line and half court!! It was the distance of Mo-Petes Washington buzzer beater. THE SHOT CLOCK!!!

I like Martin, but let's not have him on the court during times that matter.

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