Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And one more makes 4

So lets see....

Kobe Bryant
Sort of Jermaine O'Neal
Andrei Kirilinko

Ohh and let's add Shawn Marion for the fun of it.

All these players requested a trade this summer.

That's right, Shawn Marion didn't like hearing his name in the trade rumours all summer and now he wants out. Make no mistake about it, it's an ego thing. He does not like playing second fiddle to both Amare and Nash. And let's also mention that Marion was pushing the Suns for a contract extension for 3 more years at 60 million. WTF?? Come on Marion! I like you, your a great player BUT 20 million a season???

As it stands now, Marion is the highest paid player on the Suns. He has 2 more years left. And I really don't know what the Suns are going to do here. They will clearly not get equal value to Marion. They felt team chemistry was an issue last season (with Marion being part of the problem) and while Marion said that if he is not moved, he will report to training camp, keeping Marion will not help that team chemistry issue. I was thinking Suns this year, but this drama could clear the way for a repeat championship for the Spurs.


coach said...

Marion is nothing without Steve Nash. If I were him , I will stick it out with the Suns !

Tunez said...

I wouldn't go as far as to say Marion is nothing without Nash, that's also like saying every player on the Suns is nothing without Nash simply because he makes them better. Shawn Marion exceeds in the Suns offense just like every other player there does. The system is bigger than the players, and Nash runs it perfectly. Marion would be a welcome addition on any team if he could swallow his pride. I have never seen him as a 2nd scorer or go to guy, but more as a solid wingman who can D up on forwards and guards and run the fast break. Outside of the Pheonix offense I would not want to see him hoisting up those ugly 3's.

Mad Child said...

I agree that Marion has skills even with out Nash, although he is not a 20 million player.