Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sucks to be Portland

I heard the talk about surgery. I heard maybe the first month of the season. But this is just completely unexpected. Greg Oden, the Number one pick of this years draft, will likely miss the entire season due to microfracture surgery. Read the link if you wanna find out more about his knee, all I am thinking about is how much this sucks for Portland. They will cover it up with the whole "he is young" and "our future is still bright" and that might be true. But this is a heck of a setback. They adjusted the team to make Oden the center piece. So now next year will be Oden's rookie year and this just sets back the whole "Championship in Portland within 4 years" thing to 5 years. And really, now that the center piece has already had major surgery, this puts a big question mark on those chances for a championship anyways.

And sure, players have come back from being out a year. And sure, players have come back from microfracture surgery (Amare Stoudimire). And Oden might very well come back, go threw his rookie year next year, and be a force in the NBA. But he is not just suppose to be a force, he is suppose to be the next Shaq. This is not a good start if that was the goal.

And Seattle (Soon to be Oklahoma) is just laughing right now.

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