Thursday, October 25, 2007

Raps vs. Cavs

Just to remind you all that the Raps play tonight and tomorrow before having a few days break leading up to next Wednesday's opener vs. Philly at the ACC.

Tonight it is Cleveland and this is what to watch for...

How much is Bosh in the flow of the game? Vs the Bulls, the Raps looked great and in mid season form on the offensive end. Bosh has two games to join them.

Bargnani taking on big Z. Good practice for Bargnani on the defensive end.

Moon vs Jackson. The Raps are still going to need to cut someone, and it is pretty much down to these two.

The small forward position. Well, I don't think it is a battle anymore. Kapono is the starter, but since it's not official, this is still something to watch.

Keep the vibe going. They looked real good against the Bulls. Let's keep it up.

Remember, the game is being broadcasted as a Game in an Hour on Raptors TV at 11:00.

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