Thursday, October 25, 2007

This changes everything

You know something...I figured that arm chair quarterbacks would not give the Raps their due, and I am alright with that. But the GM's in the league should be smarter then this.

Every year, all 30 Gm's are polled on various questions and when asked the question of "Who would win the Atlantic" the defending champs the Toronto Raptors received a grand total of.....ZERO votes!!! That's right, 29 GM's (I assume Colangelo could not vote for his own team) didn't think that the Raps are good enough to repeat. Now you might think that they all jumped on the Boston bandwagon. Well only 70.4% percent did. But the Nets received 25.9% while, and this is the biggest insult, the KNICKS got 3.7%. That's right, more GMs think the Knicks will be the Atlantic divison champs then the Raps.


This is just getting silly. Now I can't wait to see the Raps take everyone down!

Before, I understood and I was cool with the lack of respect. But now I am pissed.

As for all these other questions...
Dallas is slightly ahead of S.A. in the southwest poll
Miami got the vote ahead of Orlando and Washington
Chicago ahead of Detroit and Cleveland
Utah ahead of Denver
And Phoenix recieved 100% votes for the pacific divison

Most GM's felt that Lebron would be the MVP of the season, with Duncan/Kobe/Nash/Garnett/Wade and Ming all getting some love.
Luol Deng and Al Jefferson tied for player most likely to have a breakout season.
The best players at each position are Nash/Kobe/Lebron/Duncan and Duncan again for center for some reason. He is a PF, not a center. Ming was in second so I guess he is the top center.

Most underrated player acquisition was Luis Scola for Houston
The order of improved teams is Boston/Memphis/Orlando/Milwaukee

The only poll that gave the Raps some love was "Which international player is most likely to have a breakout season" with Bargnani getting the most votes while Jose was in second.

The Suns were voted most fun team to watch with the Warriors in second.
Utah was voted best home court advantage team. Now here I have an issue with, as they list 9 teams that received a vote and again Toronto was shut out.

T.J. Ford was voted second for player fastest with the ball. A.I. was number one.

And there is a bunch of other questions, but they are all pretty much along the same lines adding in some silly Kobe loving votes. When will people learn.

ZERO VOTES for the Atlantic??? Come on!

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