Friday, November 30, 2007

Adding to the fire

I am going to make this quick and get right to the point. The media here in Toronto needs to stop talking about this Jose/TJ thing. Seriously. While fans of the Raptors might be complaining about starting one over the other, by hearing Doug Smith or any one of the Raptor TV guys or Chuck Swirsky or Leo Routins mention the conterversy on a regular basis just helps to add fuel to the fire. And is that what ether Ford or Jose needs to hear about on a regular basis? Here we have two outstanding point guards who are happy with the roles they have. So does having to hear about what the fans want (which is generally Jose over TJ) going to help the cause? Now, I have looked around the net for Raptor pages, and while there is a lot of Raptor fans on the net that are vocal and I am sure there is more outlets on the net then I know of for them to speak out, generally speaking everyone in the city only gets the Raptor news from the papers or the games on TV.

If these guys in the paper or on TV just stopped referring to it, then I would bet most fans might not complain about it that much ether. And even if they did, who cares. Mentioning it though is just making it worse and encouraging more people to be vocal about it. I know that Doug Smith is just generally joking about it when he always refers to the amount of emails he gets saying “Jose over TJ” but he jokes about it EVERY single week. If the purpose is just to be funny, well the joke has worn off. Move on. Because by mentioning it every single week it encourages more emails saying the same thing.

On TV, how many times have I heard the guys say “…and these two players get along and know what their roles are on the team. So there is no need for this TJ/Jose starting contervery.” Now if these guys said this once, alright. Whatever. But again, I think I hear these guys say it once a day. Ether on Raptors Today, or the pregame/post game show, or by Chuck and Leo during the broadcast. STOP bringing attention to it and it will die down.

By the way, as I predicted yesterday or the day before, Jose should be starting tonight with Ford coming off the bench at least for tonight’s game.

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