Friday, November 30, 2007

Think about it

What is going on with the people in Spain? Here is a story from the globe and mail discussing how Jose Calderon told this reporter that Jorge Garbajosa had been practicing with the Spain national team for weeks before the Euro’s which would really paint Jorge in a negative light, seeing how he shattered his freaking ankle months before and had only received clearance from the Raps to play a few days before the tournament started. So Jose tells everyone that Garbo was practicing well before the clearance was given, and now Jose is talking about how much trouble he got into from the people in Spain. These must be the same people that are attacking the Raptors franchise for trying to punish Garbo for playing for Spain.

What is with you people? I understand that you don’t perhaps hear as much as someone who lives in Toronto hears, and I am sure when you see teams like the Knicks you can easily feel that a majority of franchises are screwed up, but I want you to understand that part of the appeal to this Raptors team is the fact that they have the best intentions in mind from top to bottom.

Fred Jones last season was riding the pine. Sulking a bit in doing that as well. So what does Bryan Colangelo do? He talks to Portland to see if they were interested in Jones, since Colangelo knew that Jones would be interested in Portland seeing how that is his home town. Was Colangelo making the trade to help Fred Jones out? Or just because he really really wanted Juan Dixon?

I am not going to assume here that this franchise is perfect BUT I will more then assume that this franchise is not run by a bunch of idiots. The reality is that management puts a lot of stock into locker room attitudes, as we have heard so many times from Colangelo talking about how good so and so is with the rest of the team and in the locker room. So do you think that if this team was trying to punish Jorge, that the vibe from other players might be a bit negative, especially Jose, towards the Raptors management? Do you think that Raptors management doesn’t want Jorge on the court where he could help them win? Do you think they would accept the possibility of not being as good this year just for the sake of punishing one player?

But the people in Spain attack Raptors management, and now Jose Calderon and not put the blame where it should go with is on Jorge Garbojosa. And I am not coming down on him, but the reality is that he started playing ball WAY to early in a tournament that I am sure meant a lot, but regardless he still has a broken ankle. I am not sure what these Spanish doctors are saying, but take one look again at that injury from last March and tell me that a 29 year old can heal that quickly.

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