Sunday, November 18, 2007

At least Jessica Alba was at the game to stare at

This is just not right.

My theory is that the Raps have this mental state right now that this is a long season, which is true and all, but that sense of urgency is just not there. I think that most teams should treat the season like it is a game itself, get off to a quick start, and let the momentum from that carry you near the end when you then make that big push.

But here is the Raptors. At 500 with some tough games next week. And doing horrible at home which is unexplainable. Except for the current attitude.

This team will turn it around. It is true that it is a long season. But we can still be abit disappointed in them for not starting alittle stronger.

Unfortunetly this team is treating the season like it is treating the games so far...slow starts.

I will give lots more tomorrow including a look at the upcoming week, and also my look at who should be in the Raptors 9 man rotation. That is something they need to get sorted out.

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