Saturday, November 17, 2007

Garbo vs Moon

I want to correct something I wrote earlier today. I said once again that Garbo should be the starting SF. Well, here is the thing, I don't think he should be. Yes, yes, yes, I know...I said a few days ago he should be starting over Kapono. And even wrote a letter that was published by Doug Smith on the Toronto Star website about it. But at that time, how was I suppose to know that Jamario Moon was even an option? And that is why today, right now, I am singing a different tune.

I DO think that Garbo needs 20-30 minutes a game and to be involved in crunch time more often then not. Garbo has to much basketball IQ to not have involved in the game. Just the decision making on where to move the ball is fantastic. That is the thing about Garbo, he doesn't get a lot of points nor a lot of assists, but he has such a great feel for the game that he knows where to move the ball and help set up the assist making pass. If this were hockey where there could be 2 assists for every basket, he might lead the team in that cat.

Dude can also play defence.

BUT today (and pretty much after Utah) I think Moon is a fine choice to get the starting nod at the SF position. He of course brings the one thing the Raptors needed during the off-season which is an athletic small forward. Remember how when the Raps signed Kapono, everyone had a fit about how he was not what we needed? Well the Raptors have gotten abit lucky here, as they might have just found that player way back last spring during the Raptors try outs at the ACC. Moon's athletism stands out also when compared to the other Raptors. NO one on the team has close to the hops that Moon has. And let's be honest. No one on the team can deliver blocks like Moon did to Dunleavy 5 minutes into the game last night. Moon can also drop the three. He is very active on defense and can handle his own against star players (Deng, Ak-47). This just might be the luckiest break the Raptors have ever caught. And let's be clear, I am not saying that Moon should all of a sudden be on the all-star ballet. What I am saying though is that he does deliver EXACTLY what the Raptors needed this off-season.

Forget about the attitude for a second, but Zach Randolph is NOT the best PF in the league. But would he not help out Chicago right now in a MAJOR way if he played for them? Same with Gasol. It's all about filling a role on the team, and the Raps had a large hole that has now been filled.

My concern is going to be playoff time, if Moon can continue to keep that starting spot. He has done an excellent job overcoming his obvious jitters. I loved his first play last Wednesday vs Utah. He had a steal, a turnover, another steal and I think another turnover right after that, all in about 15 seconds. But the good news is that he is able to stay calm, make shots, and make the right decisions. But as we all know, playoffs are a different type of beast. And as we saw vs Jersey, the Raps can lose a game in the opening 5 minutes quite easily. Having Moon in there at that stage is going to be interesting, as experience is suppose to be the key to success.

Of course, Daniel Gibson did alright against Detroit, so the hopeful thinking is that Moon will also be ok.

Very wierd that here we are, 9 games in, and Jamario Freakin Moon is becoming a huge fan favorite, the starting SF, and a possible impact player on this team.

So like I mentioned at the start, I want to clarify my stance today... GIVE GARBO SOME LOVE RAPTOR MANAGEMENT. But I am happy with the current choice of starting SF.

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