Sunday, November 25, 2007

Da Bulls

The questions of "What is happening.." has already been asked hundreds of times. Now, the Chicago Bulls are in flat out trouble. Today they came into the ACC and had about 5 minutes worth of "classic" Chicago Bulls basketball. You remember that kind of basketball? The kind of basketball where they take and make shots in rhythm. If it wasn't for the efforts of Nocioni, then this game could have gone down that 30 point blow out road that the Raps took the Bulls on a few weeks ago.

It is just wierd and unusual to see a team like Chicago playing like this. Why do you think that everyone was so high on this team this season? They swept the Heat and then got intimidated by the Pistons until finally they decided NOT to be intimidated and made a series out of it last spring. You would think that they would be able to come into the season with a lot more confidence then what they are showing, but it is just not there at all for them.

Sure, the Kobe thing got them off there game early on, and once they started to travel down that dark road of defeats and negativity, it becomes much much tougher for a young team to rebound. Can they even rebound? Of course they can, and I still expect them to do it. But at this point that team is going to have to forget all about the "Drive for the Championship" attitude or the "Best in the East" label. What they need to focus on is joining a handful of other teams in the "just trying to make the playoffs" approach to the season.

And will someone tell Kirk Hinrich that perhaps playing full court man to man is only doing damage to his own conditioning? I play basketball today and I am no where close to decent shape, and I know that when I get tired, the shot starts to miss and the turnovers start to pile. Kirk, that full court defence is not working on anyone. Is it really worth putting that much effort on defence when your offence is shit?

Oh, and Scott Skiles might have killed the year for Tyrus Thomas. Tyrus Thomas against Detroit was huge. So we know he can play the game, even though he will be inconsistent because he is a second year player. Same with Bargnani here, as everyone has high expecations although we all need to remember that he is only a pup in the league. When it comes to Tyrus though, he has just looked awful the past week plus, been getting called out (who cares if there was an apology after) by his coach and then benched. Hmm...could this be coming accross to the young player as a vote that HE is the problem so far? True or not true, is it not possible that he might feel that way? That is the difference with Bargnani by the way, cause when Bargnani went to the bench and played shitty, but no one ever made mention that Bargnani was to blame for the teams troubles. The only way now that Chicago is going to win is with Tyrus on the bench. And that is not completely Tyrus's fault.

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Time Intact said...

You're right, its not completely Tyrus' fault, but he's very immature. Remember, this is the guy that had no problem publicly saying he only entered the dunk contest for the money last year.