Saturday, November 24, 2007

So THATS why he is considered the favorite to win MVP

Tough lose for the Raptors. Tough because for the first 14 or 15 minutes, the Raptors were dominating ala Dallas/New Jersey/Chicago. But the bench work of the Raps (Derrek "Carlton Banks" Martin) put the Cavs back into the game, Cleveland starting to make some outside shots, Lebron stepped up and since it was in Cleveland, it was tough to stop that train.

Lebron freakin James. WOW

Positive of the night was Chris Bosh's stat line. It's now official that he is back, and even though the Raps lost a tough one, the fact that Bosh is back is a sign of sunnier days ahead.

And here is something I didn't think would be the case before the game...we need Ford back stat. And I don't say that because I believe we lost the game because of Martin. But this game did change when Jose was off the floor and this is why one of the strengths of the Raps is the double point guard power. Jose also is not use to playing 40 minutes and I think perhaps is trying to pace himself for the length of the game. Hence him not taking it to the net as ofter.

One thing that I have noticed with the Raps is historically they have a tough time against superstar players. Tonight against Lebron and a few days ago with DIrk is just a small slice of what MVP players have done. Can we really forget who it was that felt the wrath of 81 Kobe points? Even Vince Carter was dominating the Raps for a while, until the Raptor fans finally got to him.

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