Friday, November 23, 2007

Little of this and a little of that

Not much to discuss today. Raptors are getting ready for a big game tomorrow against Cleveland, as the players on the Raptors side are talking right now with confidence. Things like "Turning the Corner" "Figuring it out" "We understand". CB4 has put up outstanding numbers the past two games, and if he does more of the same, these Raptors will be deadly. As for Bargnani, well it would seem his "Summer League Flashback" stretch was directly related to his move back to the bench. Sure, now in retrospect that seems obvious, but Bargnani always seems more confident that perhaps he actually is (which is fine, he is 21 and in his 2nd year).

In fact, not too many 2nd year players are performing strong so far. Sure, LaMarcus Aldridge is bringing the goods, but Brandon Roy is struggling with his knee, Tyrus Thomas is struggling because of his coach. Rudy Gay has done nothing newsworthy so far this year. Randy Foye is hurt.

Even with the inconsistencies, Bargnani is still easily looking like the right choice at number one last year, although like I said, Aldridge is bringing the goods so far this season.

By the way...I posted something a few days ago which linked Bill Simmons of ESPN comparing the Raptor fans like soccer moms, but in a good way. Well, again this morning I was reading an article saying how Memphis has one of the best young 1-2 point guards in the league, if they move Damon Stoudimire and be left with Lowry and Conley. Then it was followed up with the writer making a reference that he was about to get some nasty emails from a lot of Raptor fans.

I have been hearing this for awhile, about us Raptor fans getting our voices heard on the web, but are we REALLY that crazy compared to other fan bases? I can already tell you that Celtic fans and Laker fans are just as crazy.

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