Thursday, November 22, 2007

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Believe it or not, the Raptors actually looked really really good last night. The fact that it was tight down the stretch and Memphis was leading with about 4 or 5 minutes to go would indicate that the Raptors did not have a great game, which they didn’t, but you could tell that it was a matter of fatigue more then anything else. The plays they ran, the spacing on the floor, the decision making was all looking good. The shots were just not dropping and the Raps looking sluggish at times. And that is understandable, as they did play in a very emotionally draining game against Dallas the night before.

Speaking of Dallas, I guess us Raptor fans don’t need to feel as bad about what happened against the Mavs since Dallas did almost the exact same thing to Houston last night.

Now let me mention Bargnani for a moment, as last night was a very important evening for the man. You see, the last two weeks he has been struggling. And last night, starting the game 0-9 was not an indication that things were going to turn around for the guy. Previously, Bargnani was not only shooting shitty, but also getting into really really early foul trouble and getting pulled rather quickly. So when you look at last nights game, even though he was shooting at the start like he has been shooting for most of the season (first half of the Dallas game excluded) he was bringing enough on defense and rebounding that Mitchell did not pull him. And what happen? As what will happen with any shooter who keeps taking shots, the shots started to drop. Bargnani finishes with around 14 points including a huge 3 with 3 minutes left in the game and hopefully Bargnani “gets it” and has turned the corner here. I think that has been something the Raps have been stressing the past few days to the players, which is don’t worry about the shot dropping, do the other things right and you will stay in the game.

Jamario Moon, ladies and gentlemen, really just might be legit! Now he is hitting jumpers with confidence right in the eye of the defenders. Give me those steals and blocks (got him on my fantasy team) and we will all be happy.

Bosh looked better and I think we might be getting to that stage of being able to say “He’s back”. Not yet though, let’s see what happens against the Cavs and Bulls first.

Kapono had his best game as a Raptor.

Jose was O.K.

Props to Mitchell for going with Delfino over Parker down the stretch. Delfino hit a huge three that put the game away for the Raps.

But Mitch, let’s me just tell you, Moon is looking legit. Good work on that one. No one gives you the proper credit for taking that bold move, but I will. But on the other hand, let’s keep Baston in street cloths. Mitchell, you have been coaching great for the most part, but that whole “Bosh has his 4th foul so let’s put in Hump for 2 minutes, then yank him and put in Baston who blows big time so let’s yank him and go small.” KEEP BASTON AWAY FROM THE COURT.

Kinda wanted to see Jose start one more game, although it sounds like Ford will be back for Saturdays game. That being said, at least Ford being back will keep Carlton Banks aka Derrick Martin off the court.

I got this feeling deep inside, that the Raps are going to murder the Cavs and have a hell of a game against the Bulls at the ACC.

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