Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You can just forget about that whole "Give Garbo more minutes" thing

Well, maybe this is the reason why Garbo has gotten no love. I mean, they keep saying that his leg is still broken, so really there was no way he could play 25-30 minutes a game. But if his leg was broken, how in the hell did he play in the Euros, and practice on a regular basis with the Raps for 2 months and play in the games he actually has had a chance to play so far this year? Until we learn more about what they found on the MRI, we really don’t have a clue what to expect here but I got a feeling that he is going to need that surgery that he was putting off.

So as we saw last night, Hump got Garbo’s spot in the rotation. Kind of scary to be honest because, as we say in the Jersey series last spring, Garbo would have helped out quite a bit last night, being the steady rock to help keep the ship steady while the Mavs made that run. Again, the Raps lost it last night because they were overwhelmed, and I think that is what Garbo brings to the table…stability. That will be missed, because Hump does not bring that at all. And then when you look at the other players on the rotation, who can help turn it around when things are going down the toilet? Moon is WAY to inexperienced to be able to contribute much in getting things straightened, he disappeared completely in the 3rd quarter (but he didn’t do anything negative enough to warrant taking him out of the starting 5, Moon played well for the most part last night). Kapono is certainly not the guy. Delfino can get a big steal and play tight defense, although not so much offensively when the team really needs a bucket. Having Parker on the court is a must in terms of stability. Bargnani we are hoping will be that guy, but even after a fantastic first quarter last night, he disappeared in the second half. And of course CB4. As I mentioned earlier, it’s all about him, he needs to bring that stability but right now he has been having his own confidence issues to deal with. That’s why Ford has been taking over the game a lot so far this season, because on one else on the team is stepping up.

With experience comes the skill of being “that guy”. So hopefully last night was a solid learning experience for some of the players and someone will step up when it matters.

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