Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kapono stays. Bargnani goes.

Well it was not the move I am suggesting BUT I can’t say I completely disagree with it. Rasho is back in the starting 5 and Bargnani is back to the bench. I have noticed that Bosh and Bargnani have been playing more effectively when the other player is not on the court. And the reality is that this team is much much better then it has been showing, and something needed to be done. What I do like about Rasho starting is that he gives tougher defense against opposing big’s. For example against Garnett, Rasho will be much more effective then Bosh was last Sunday. As well as the fact that T.J. seems to have great chemistry with Rasho is going to help for sure. The reality is that the Toronto offense has not looked the same compared to last year, and by going back to what worked last year is a wise decision.

My only real issue then becomes the fact that while Rasho was the starting center for the 47 win team, he also got nailed to the bench in the playoffs for a reason. Is that situation not going to appear again? Oh well, worry about that for another day. I at least feel better that something has been done and we can get back on track.

And don't worry Bargnani fans, he is still going to get his minutes and stats.

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